15 July 2024
Jaanu Jaanlewa

The video-on-demand streaming platform ALTT has finally announced the release date of its upcoming crime-thriller web show Jaanu Jaanlewa. Since ALTT announced Jaanu Jaanlewa, it has been the major talking point among the viewers of this adult platform. Not to mention, ALTT is an adult platform that offers sizzling content for adult audiences. Jaanu Jaanlewa is also nothing sort of an adult web show because this spin-chilling thriller will also have plenty of seduction and romantic scenes. The official trailer of Jaanu Jaanlewa released by ALTT also heightened the excitement of the viewers. In case, you are also scrambling to the web regarding the same, this article will let you know everything about it from its plot to its ensembled star cast. Continue reading this article for more details.

ALTT’s Jaanu Jaanlewa Sets OTT Premiere Date

Many are asking if Jaanu Jaanlewa will be released in cinemas. The answer is no, Jaanu Jaanlewa is not releasing in theaters. The crime-thriller show Jaanu Jaanlewa will only be released on the digital platform. Its official streaming platform is ALTT famous for providing adult content with stories and messages to society. Jaanu Jaanlewa is listed as a mystery, suspense, and drama show. It is a tale of love and crime.

The title of the show “Jaanu Jaanlewa” also resonates with its plot which revolves around a love affair and murder. Talking about the plot of Jaanu Jaanlewa, revolves around a married bank employee who gets involved in an extramarital affair with his crush who is a housemaker. But the married bank employee’s fate takes a sharp turn when he gets accused of killing a person. Although the married bank employee does not commit any crime he has to face the false accusation in the wake of his extramarital affair.

The story of Jaanu Jaanlewa will primarily focus on the character played by Vikram Arora. His character murders Jogi, Meera’s husband’s wife, and Manisha who is his former housekeeper, for his sexual cravings. This is why the title of the series is “Jaanu Jaanlewa” ALTT announced this project through its official social media platform which left all of its viewers excited for this mystery, suspense, and crime-thriller story. Who are the lead actors in Jaanu Jaanlewa? Let’s take a look at the ensembled star cast of Jaanu Jaanlewa in the following sections. Scroll down.

The prominent roles in ALTT’s Jaanu Jaanlewa are played by Ankit Arora, Arya Tiwari, Simran Sachdeva, Anupam Sharma, and Abhay Shukla. All the key actors have been shown in the recently released trailer of the show. For the unversed, Ankit Arora who is playing the central role in Jaanu Jaanlewa, is best known for his role in Razia Sultan where he played Ruk’un’din in 2015, and Lakshman in Ramayan. He also has played the role of Yuvraj Shushim Maurya in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. The female lead actor of Jaanu Jaanlewa Simran Sachdeva has appeared in Colors Channel’s Choti Sarrdaarni. Drishti Garewal replaced Simran Sachdeva in the show after her relations with the production company became worse. Simran Sachdeva is eyeing to gain everyone’s attention once again, with her role in ALTT’s Jaanu Jaanlewa.

Not to mention, many are eagerly waiting for the release of Jaanu Jaanlewa which will be released on adult streaming platform ALTT. As per the official trailer of Jaanu Jaanlewa, the web show will be available to premier on the ALTT streaming platform from June 14, 2024. The show is expected to be released at midnight on June 14, 2024. The reviews of this crime-thriller web show will also be posted on this website. Stay tuned with us.

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