21 July 2024
Uorfi Javed

Social media personality and television actress Uorfi Javed is capturing the attention of the audience for her relationship rumors. Recently, the controversial influencer was spotted with a red mark down the neck which seems to be a love bite. Meanwhile, the audience did not hesitate to ask Uorfi Javed how she got that mark on her body or if she is dating someone who gave her a love bite. As a result, the discussion about her relationship status began and her followers were curious to know who is her secret boyfriend. In addition, the video in which Uorfi Javed was spotted with a red mark, is going viral on social media. Reportedly, the controversial internet personality also has opened up about the mark recently spotted on her down the neck. Let’s take a look at what Uorfi Javed said about it.

Uorfi Javed Viral Love Hickey Bite Video goes viral


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However, Uorfi Javed is not ashamed of anyone. She is widely known for her revealing outfits, fearless bold statements, daring fashion choices, and unforeseen cut-out dresses. Thus, netizens also do not hesitate to ask Uorfi if she is dating someone and did her secret man gave this hickey to her. The impetuous social media influencer once again turned the spotlight and captivated everyone’s attention with another controversial revealing dress, flaunting her hickey. Meanwhile, the netizens are abuzz with speculation about her affair after seeing a mark of what seems to be a love bite.

The video in which Uorfi Javed is flaunting the rumored love bite, gained millions of views on social media, sparking a discussion about her secret relationship. But it does not resonate with Uorfi Javed at all because she is not afraid of anyone so why she would keep her romantic life away from the limelight? Many people also have claimed that Uorfi Javed wears controversial dresses with only one motive to gain the media’s limelight and people’s attention. Thus, netizens are perplexed if it was a love bite or something else.

Reportedly, the viral video of Uorfi Javed in which her red mark down the neck was spotted was published by Viral Bhayani. In the clip, the social media influencer is with her friends. Uorfi was papped in a brown thigh-high slit outfit which was extensively revealing from the top. Where everyone was focused on Uorfi Javed’s dress, the netizens noticed something strange with her as they noticed a red spot below her collarbone. The impetuous netizens did not take a long time to speculate if it was a love bite. Even one person also asked Uorfi Javed if someone had given her a love bite. The netizens eventually started talking about her boyfriend. Who is he and whom she is dating secretly? All the speculations and conjectures remained floating rapidly until Uorfi Javed herself addressed this matter.

Uorfi Javed Denies Love Bite Speculations, Says Red Mark is Allergy

Uorfi Javed

Television actress Uorfi Javed who surged to fame for her embarrassing dressing sense in public places, recently opened up about her alleged love bite. The influencer said that it was not a love bite at all. The red spot was due to an allergy, the influencer said. Uorfi Javed posted a video on her official Instagram handle and captioned it “That on my neck is not a hickey but allergies.”. In another video posted on her account, Uorfi Javed showed her neck area and asked her followers where is the love bite or hickey. The TV actress has denied all the rumors claiming it was a love bite by claiming it was due to an allergy caused by a mosquito bite. Stay tuned to this website.

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