21 July 2024

Leading streaming platform Crunchyroll is reportedly having a server down causing its users to face an outage. Moreover, more than 4000 complaints have been made by the users as they face errors suggesting the streaming platform may be down. As of yet, the American on-demand video streaming platform has not shared any official statement or report to confirm the outage but people in large numbers have been reporting the issue with DownDetector. What kind of errors the users are facing right now while streaming on Crunchyroll? Reportedly, Code Med-1 and 403 errors are interrupting the streaming experience of the users on Crunchyroll. If you are also struggling on the platform due to the aforementioned errors, then this article can help you a lot. Keep reading this article. Swipe down the page.

Is Crunchyroll Down?

As mentioned, over 4000 complaints have been filed by the users who reportedly faced Code Med-1 and 403 errors which suggest the streaming platform’s server may be down or not working. Moreover, DownDetector, an online to check the outage, also received over 4000 complaints regarding the errors on Crunchyroll. A report claimed that the users of the platform experienced an outage while streaming videos, accessing the server, and logging into their accounts.

Nevertheless, a user made a complaint with DownDetector that he kept facing the Code Med-1 error when he was watching Haikyuu. The error that popped up while streaming on Crunchyroll reads sorry, we encountered a network error, please try again later. Code: MED-1. While some users expressed their frustration for seeing errors on Crunchyroll. One user also commented that this platform always remains down and inaccessible while the other commented Crunchyroll goes down always at the wrong time. Plenty of reports and complaints were filed regarding the error popping up on the screens of Crunchyroll users. But what is Code MED-1 Error actually means? Let’s take a dig at it and understand what problem the Code MED-1 error indicates. Scroll down.

The error, Code MED-1, appearing on Crunchyroll users’ screens means a blockage is causing the streaming of the video, accessing the account, and logging into the account, a difficult task or probably impossible. In simple words, it can be said that the Code MED-1 error prevents the users from accessing their servers which causes an outage at a large scale. As mentioned, two errors were being reported by the Crunchyroll users, the one is Code MED-1 while the other is 403 error. What is a 403 error? Let’s discuss it. Continue reading this article.

If a user is facing a 403 error then it means the user does not have permission to access the desired resource of the platform which will make it difficult to stream the content available on the platform. 403 error means the user does not the permission to access the resource. Usually, it happens due to insufficient permissions, restrictions to IP, or firewall rules. Now the question arises has the outage been resolved? Get the latest update regarding the same in the next section.

As of yet, American subscription video-on-demand streaming service Crunchyroll has not officially shared anything related to Code MED-1 and 403 errors indicating an outage. There is a probability that users of a particular region faced the errors because not all users from every region have complained about it. As of now, the streaming platform is working normally. For the unversed, Crunchyroll is owned by Sony Group Corporation. This platform is widely popular for providing Japanese anime series and East Asian media content to audiences all around the world. As of 2024, Crunchyroll has more than 13 million subscribers. Stay tuned.

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