21 July 2024
CenturyLink Internet

On Sunday, June 2, 2024, a large number of complaints were filed for CenturyLink Internet down. In various parts of Colorado, people reportedly faced outages. The customers of the telecommunication company owned by Lumen Technologies complained about the issues faced while connecting to the internet. Amid CenturyLink’s Internet outage, Quantum Fiber also faced widespread blackout claims on social media. The report of complaints was released by DownDetector, an online outage tracking tool. The report claimed that over 500 customers in the state faced errors while connecting to Wife networks. In case, you also faced the same error and looking for a troubleshooting process, then this article is for you. In the following sections, we have explained what you can do in this situation. Keep reading this article.

Is CenturyLink Internet Down?

The online outage tracking tool, DownDetector, presented the outage complaints and claimed that the number of complaints crossed the mark of 500 in Colorado over the weekend. Moreover, many users of CenturyLink also expressed their frustration amid the internet connecting errors. Taking to social media, many users anguishedly publicly complained of internet down and connectivity issues. Sharing their personal experiences, one user shared that his television was working but the internet was not working on his phone. The other user reported that the internet is working on his laptop while streaming YouTube but he is facing connectivity errors on his phone and TV.

People from different parts of the region, including Denver and Northglenn, also tagged CenturyLink in their posts regarding the outage over the weekend. Despite so many complaints and anguished reactions from the customers, CenturyLink has not replied to their comments and officially released any statement to address the queries of the customers. Thus, many customers found themselves helpless and desperate at the same time. To cater to their queries and solve their issues, we have shared some useful tips that may solve the connectivity issue in your mobile phone. Take a look below.

To diagnose the issue of connectivity, the customers of CenturyLink can follow some simple steps explained in this article. First of all, the user has to check for service outages. This can be done by checking the service status of CenturyLink. Visit the service status page of CenturyLink on their official website, where you can check if there is really an outage in the particular region or not. Otherwise, you can also check the official social media account of CenturyLink if they have not posted any posts related to the outage. If the company acknowledges the outage, then you should wait for the company’s response to the issue but if the company does not acknowledge it then you can try some methods by yourself.

It can also be troubleshoot remotely by visiting the website of CenturyLink. The other method to fix the connectivity problem is to restart the modem and router. If you are facing a connectivity issue or an internet down error, try long-pressing the restart button of your router. You may need a pin to press the reboot button of the router. The next troubleshooting step is to check the connections. Make sure all the connecting wires are connected properly. These cables are ethernet, coaxial, and power cables. A very lesser-known troubleshooting method is to check the local interference. Some electrical appliances like microwaves, cordless phones, and ovens can interfere with the connectivity strength of your router. You can relocate your router to a different location to avoid local interference. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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