19 July 2024
India-Made Cough and Cold Syrups Under WHO Lens

In recent news, several cough and cold syrups manufactured in India have come under the scrutiny of the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO has raised concerns about the quality and safety of these syrups, which has led to an investigation into their production and distribution.

This development has caught the attention of the pharmaceutical industry and the general public alike, prompting discussions regarding the safety standards and regulations in the country’s pharmaceutical sector.

According to the WHO, the concern stems from reports of adverse effects associated with certain cough and cold syrups produced in India. These reports have raised red flags regarding the quality control measures employed during the manufacturing process.

The WHO aims to ensure that pharmaceutical products meet international standards and do not pose any risks to public health. Consequently, they have launched an investigation to assess the situation and identify any potential shortcomings in the manufacturing process.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has been a key player in the global market for many years. It is renowned for its cost-effective production and export of generic drugs, which has contributed significantly to making healthcare more accessible and affordable worldwide.

However, incidents like these can tarnish the industry’s reputation and raise doubts about the quality of products manufactured in India.

It is important to note that not all cough and cold syrups manufactured in India are under investigation. The WHO has specifically identified certain brands and variants that have raised concerns.

Nevertheless, this development has led to increased vigilance and calls for stricter quality control measures within the industry.

The Indian government has also taken note of the situation and has initiated its own investigation into the matter. The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), India’s national regulatory body for pharmaceuticals, is working closely with the WHO to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the manufacturing practices and standards followed by the implicated companies.

The CDSCO has emphasized its commitment to upholding the highest quality standards and taking appropriate action if any violations are found.

Industry experts believe that this incident serves as a wake-up call for the Indian pharmaceutical sector. While the majority of Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers adhere to strict quality standards, the presence of substandard products in the market raises concerns about regulatory oversight and enforcement.

It is imperative for all stakeholders, including manufacturers, regulators, and industry associations, to work together to address these concerns and reinforce the reputation of India’s pharmaceutical industry.


The WHO’s investigation into certain cough and cold syrups manufactured in India has sparked discussions regarding the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products in the country.

This development highlights the importance of maintaining stringent quality control measures and regulatory oversight within the industry.

By addressing these concerns and taking appropriate actions, India can uphold its reputation as a reliable manufacturer of pharmaceutical products.

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