23 July 2024

ICICI shared an important notice to their customers about the scams or customer service frauds. In today’s generation customer service fraud is becoming common day by day. Several people lost their money due to the same. Recently, the ICICI Bank alerted their customers by sending a serious notice. The ICICI Bank also asks their customers to stay alert for such types of fraud. This serious notice raised several questions about the safety. Now, the question is raised How can a person spot such scams? In this section, he will shed light on the tips to recognize such scams. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same, go through the page and read the full article.

Recently, the ICICI Bank highlighted the topic of cybercriminals. As per the Bank, cybercriminals are tracking the data of customers by sharing suspicious links or voice messages. Cyber fraud is causing much stress not only for customers but also for banks. The bank discusses the example where cybercriminals cheated on customers with pre-recorded voice messages. Currently, the headline is becoming one of the most concerning topics Moreover, fraudsters also force customers to press a designated number which shares the information information.

According to the ICICI Bank statement, IVR calls are a type of pre-recorded voice messages in which cybercriminals ask customers to offer information by pressing numbers. IVR call’s primary target is to gain the important details which they can use for identity theft, financial fraud, or other serious purpose. After gaining the sensitive information, cybercriminals use it to access bank account details or commit serious crimes. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

Along notice, ICICI Bank also confirmed how cybercriminals are using to scam customers. This section will help you to learn some important tips to spot scams and how the scammers cheat. Check out the details to spot a potential scam:

Impersonation: The cybercriminals first introduce themselves as a trusted department such as government agencies, banks, or established companies. Overall, the IVR calls are used to show that the call is coming from a trusted source.

Automated Voice Systems: Automated Voice Systems play a key role in cyber scams as it is used to create a legitimate IVR which helps force the customer to offer their important details such as PIN, Credit Card number, or bank account details.

Urgency of Threats: In such cases, the cybercriminals pressure the victims or generate a sense of urgency to fulfill their demands in a short duration. On the call, the scammers say that they will block the victim’s account or take legal action if the victim does not listen to them.

Social Engineering Tactics: Sometimes, cybercriminals choose social engineering techniques. They first collect the details through social media to make their trust strong and then commit the crime.

Check out the few important tips that you should follow to be aware of scams. The ICICI Bank also shared tips to spot the scam. The tips are:

If the customers get any call from cybercriminals about their bank account then they can directly contact their bank and can also ask about the person who called.

Confirm the number, before picking up any suspicious call, especially when the suspicious call asks about your personal information or behaves badly.

The Bank also asks customers to not share their important details such as card number, PIN, OTP, account number, or password.

Despite the tips, if the customer ever gets a suspicious call then the person can directly report the crime to the “National Cyber Crime Portal” or can call on helpline number 1930.

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