23 July 2024
Past Lies

Spanish web series Past Lies is streaming on the Hulu app. Past Lies is a mystery-thriller series that tells the story of a group of friends all of whom are girls. Everything in their lives was running smoothly until one of their friends went missing and was later found dead which turned their lives upside down. This incident brings turbulence in their lives, the point from where the suspense and mystery start in the series. The plot of this Spanish series is quite captivating and keeps the viewers engaged throughout the series. In recent times, Past Lies has become one of the most-watched web series, making the broader audience curious and intrigued about it. In this article, we have comprehensibly discussed the plot of the series and mentioned its star cast as well. Let’s delve into the details for more information.

Past Lies main cast

  1. Elena Anaya as Rita
  2. Belén Cuesta as Teresa
  3. Marta Etura as Sole
  4. Itziar Atienza as Candela
  5. Irene Escolar as Paula

Past Lies is directed by Clara Roquet while the writers of this series are Julia de Paz and Clara Roquet. This series is 6 episodes long. In Spanish this series is called Las Largas Sombras. The main plot of the miniseries revolves around the hidden secrets, regrets, and how the lives of the group of female friends are connected. The past of their lives is deciding their present. The series starts with the exploration of the friendship, and betrayal between them, and the lasting impact of their decisions made in their teenage.

  • Ana de Alva
  • Miriam Rubio
  • Fran Nortes
  • Laura Wedel
  • Ana Rayo
  • Jorge Usón
  • Marina Orta
  • Roger Casamajor
  • Lucía Caraballo
  • Isa Montalbán
  • Juan Blanco
  • Stephanie Kerbis

Speaking of the characters and cast members of this series, Elena Anaya portrays the character of Rita in the series. Rita is a film director who gets involved in the mission of finding her missing friend. Actress Elena Anaya is also known for appearing in Wonder Woman where she did a supporting role and The Skin I Live In where she portrayed the lead role. The second cast member is Belen Cuesta who is Teresa in Past Lies. Teresa found herself in a horrifying situation when her friend’s body was found. Belen Cuesta also has been seen portraying a supporting role in Holy Camp.

Marta Etura, another renowned actor and key cast member of Past Lies. Etura has done the role of Sole. She is featured in all 6 episodes of the series. Before appearing in Past Lies, Marta Eutra also acted in The Impossible and Cell 211. The next cast member of Past Lies is Itziar Atienza whose role is of Candela in Past Lies. Candela is one of the friends whose hidden secrets have affected their present lives. Before appearing in Past Lies, Itzair Atienza did supporting roles in Velvet and Locked Up. Irene Escolar has done the character of Paula in Past Lies. She is also featured in all 6 episodes of the miniseries. Paula is the younger sister of the girl who went missing. Irene Escolar also has appeared in The Queen of Spain and The Skin I Live In. The other renowned actors and key cast members of this Spanish miniseries are Stephanie Kerbis, Juan Blanco, Isa Montalbán, Lucía Caraballo, Roger Casamajor, Marina Orta, Jorge Usón, Ana Rayo, Laura Wedel, Fran Nortes, Miriam Rubio, and Ana de Alva.


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According to IMDb, Past Lies’s official synopsis reads “A group of women whose stable, successful lives are suddenly shaken by the appearance of the mortal remains of one of their high school classmates, who disappeared during their senior trip to Mallorca twenty-five years earlier.” The plot of the series starts with film director Rita returning to her home in Alicante to look after her late mother’s belongings. After returning home, Rita meets with her old friends but their lives take a turn with her friend Mati is found dead.

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