19 July 2024
Hamster Kombat's Daily Cipher Code

Hamster Kombat’s Daily Cipher Code: A new game is taking the internet by storm as people are not only enjoying the game but also earning big amounts during the gameplay. This game is called “Hamster Kombat”, a tap-to-earn game. In recent times, Hamster Kombat has captivated a large chunk of game players all around the world. As of now, more than 100 million people have played this game and earned big amounts. However, we are not encouraging you to play this game but we are here only to inform you how to earn daily cipher rewards with some simple steps. People who are familiar with Hamster Kombat must know what is Daily Cipher but if you are new to this game, then you first need to know what it is. In the following sections, we have talked about all the essential elements of this clicker game. Continue reading this article for more details.

It can not be denied that Hamster Kombat has become a sensation on social media, especially on Telegram where an active community keeps sharing tips and tricks to maximize your rewards. With the simple template of clicking, players can earn big rewards. In simple words, if you are playing the Hamster Kombat game means you’re the CEO of Hamster Kombat and you are running a fictional crypto exchange. As you are the head of your fictional crypto exchange company, you aim to grow your company by employing smart strategies and making ideal investments in fields like talent, new products, marketing, and licenses. This Telegram game’s token launch and airdrop on The Open Network pulled millions of users to play this game. If you are still wondering why Hamster Kombat is getting so popular, it is because of its gameplay, strategic intensity, and potential real-life rewards. Scroll down.

In this game, there are several features and Daily Combo is one of them. It is one of the most popular features as it offers daily rewards to the users. Daily Combo gives an additional 5 million free game coins to the users. Now you must be wondering how to get Daily Combo and earn an extra 5 million game coins. The process is very simple. Every day, Hamster Kombat announces a set of three different upgrades. Players have to buy these specific upgrades before the time out, by using their coins earned in the game so far. Note that every day the combo includes different quests for instance “ETH pairs” “License Nigeria”, and “CEO”.

Players have to participate in Daily Combo to earn rewards. To participate, go to the Mine section in the app and navigate to the upgrades in categories like Legal, PR & Team, Markets, and Specials. After locating the upgrades in these categories, level up or buy these items. Daily Combo robust the game coins at a large scale and also increases the earnings as well.

Speaking of Daily Ciper in Hamster Kombat, it is also one of the recent additions to the game and it also gains in-game coins for the players. Through the Daily Cipher reward, players can earn one million free game coins every day. Participate in the Daily Cipher contest and start tapping the ‘Enter per tap’ box three times and you will see the background of Hamster Kombat change into red and the Daily Cipher box under the earning meter. You will need to enter the daily term using Morse code for example BTC, three clicks for B, a long press for T, and a long press followed by a click, another long press, and another click for C.

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