16 July 2024

The Malayalam industry is known for releasing quality content movies. “Golam” is the latest 2024 Indian Malayalam language film. Finally, the wait is over for those who were waiting for the release of Golam. The film is based on a mystery thriller. A few weeks ago, the trailer of the film was released which received a good response from the critics. The released poster of Golam is catching much attention as it features several famous and talented actors. However, in today’s report, we are going to shed light on the reviews of the film “Golam”. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Golam Hit or Flop? A Deep Dive into the Plot and Characters of the Latest Malayalam Hit

Golam is a 2024 Indian film which is released in Malayalam on June 7, 2024. In addition, it is directed by Samjad. Golam is produced by Anne & Sanjeev under the banner of Fragrant Nature Film Creations. The writers of the film are Praveen Vishwanath and Samjad. The Cinematography part was done by Vijay and the music was composed by Aby Salvin Thomas. Since the trailer was released, it made the headlines. On June 7, 2024, the post shared by X user Bhavana Studios in which Golam’s box office release was confirmed. The user wrote, “Golam is Cinemas from today, best wishes to cast members and the crews”. Furthermore, the film shows an engaging storyline.
Here is the list of the top cast of Golam:

  • Srikant Murali
  • Alencier Ley Lopez
  • Siddique
  • Chinnu Chandni
  • Sunny Wayne
  • Dileesh Pothan
  • Ranjith Sanjeev

As we are all familiar with Ranjith Sajeev, is a renowned Indian actor who appears in several hit movies. Recently, he gained attention after appearing in the latest film “Golam”. In 2022, he appeared in the film “Mike”. The Indian actor, Dileesh Pothan is also playing the main lead role in Golam. Dileesh Pothan is not only an actor but also a film director and producer. This year, he worked in four hit movies Abraham Ozler, Manasa Vacha, Turbo, and Thalavan. Furthermore, Golam is his latest released film which is not performing well at the box office. The film is performing well on its opening day. If we talk about the film, Golam is based on a mystery thriller. The film shows how ASP Sandeep Krishna investigates the case. The character ASP Sandeep Krishna is played by Ranjith Sanjeev. However, he investigates a case about the murder that happened inside the office corporate firm. Ranjith Sanjeev is playing his police officer role perfectly. If we talk about the script, it has been recognized that the storyline of the film is too strong and catching. The film starts with the unique twists and ends with strong narration. Recently, the film “Golam ” has become the highly anticipated 2024 Indian Malayalam language film. The viewers are sharing their reviews after watching the film. Learn more in the next section.

As we earlier mentioned, “Golam” is a Malayalam language film that is based on a mystery crime drama. The trailer of the film starts with a corporate office in which a man looks for John who is not receiving the call. Then he finds John’s phone in the office’s cabin. The female employee tells John to go to the washroom. The man found the dead body of John in the toilet. Ranjith Sanjeev who is playing the character of Sandeep Krishna investigates the case. The officer realizes that it is something big and unusual. The film focuses on the journey of a mystery murder and how ASP Sandeep Krishan investigates the case with a few clues. Now, the film is available in theatres. Keep following for more updates.

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