23 July 2024

A three-day meeting for international soccer is being held in Bangkok, Thailand, on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, where the governance standards will distract from reforms in women’s soccer such as selecting a host for the 2027 edition of the World Cup and anti-racism actions in stadiums. Particularly, FIFA president Gianni Infantino is more keen to tackle racism in stadiums, thus he is emphasizing anti-racism pledges and forcing the key members of FIFA to take effective actions to tackle this problem. However, some anti-corruption decisions are now in retreat following the most solemn crisis of FIFA that took place at the annual meeting of FIFA in 2015 with police raids. The meeting in Thailand reportedly took a total of nine years to be held, starting on Wednesday and concluding on Friday.

The president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino will reportedly attend a news conference on Friday following the conclusion of the three-day meeting in Thailand. Gianni Infantino will answer some imperative questions asked by the international media. It will be the first time the president of FIFA has interacted with the media and answered questions since October 2023 when the committee selected Saudi Arabia as the host of the men’s World Cup 2034. As per the reports, Gianni Infantino is seeking the nod of the members at the annual congress on Friday to restore a pre-2-15 sprawl of committees to award expenses-paid posts to the officials of soccer across the world, who participate in the polls for president of FIFA every four years.

The Asian Football Confederation consisting of 47 members is eyeing to revoke the term limits for senior officials including the president. If it happens, the president of the Asian Football Confederation, Sheikh Salman of Bahrain will be out of power after a long span of 14 years. Along with its associated bodies, FIFA is indicating it is not limited to the reform principles introduced nine years ago in 2015. After 2013, Gianni Infantino and the presidents of other soccer continents gained power because their predecessors were indicted, ousted, or left with corruption allegations.

To note, there will be no votes or losers this year because of opaque deals done that let FIFA announce it preferred only candidates for each of the 2030 and 2034 tournaments. Meanwhile, The plan for Spain-Portugal-Morocco to co-host the 2030 edition of the Men’s World Cup gives a single game to each of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and it also makes it very easy for Saudi Arabia to become the host of the 2034 men’s World Cup without any opposition.

Speaking of the contender for hosting the women’s World Cup 2027, a vote is anticipated on Friday. However, the co-host plan of European countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, has been out-favored by Brazil’s offer. Brazil has become the frontrunner in winning the bid to host the Women’s World Cup 2027 after the United States and Mexico withdrew their combined bid a week ago so that they can host the 2031 event. To note, the bidding for the 2031 event will take place next year. The United States-Mexico-Canada will host the World Cup in 2026, but the United States-Mexico decided to wait for four more years till 2031.

The three-day meeting in Thailand can also decide on the Women’s Club World Cup on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at the meeting of the FIFA council of 37 persons chaired by Infantino. Thus, it is expected that women can also have the same Club World Cup tournament as men. In the 2015 crisis, the growth of women’s football and a prohibition against discrimination were the key agendas of the reform panel which was assigned to suggest FIFA on cultural changes and structural reforms.

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