13 July 2024
Dare to Love Me

Dare to Love Me is one of the most watched and anticipated ongoing South Korean television series. The series, Dare to Love Me is based on the Naver Webtoon of the same name by Sun Woo. As per the details, the new episode of the series was released in May 2024. Furthermore, the previous chapter of the series has generated significant followers. Not only South Korean people but also other countries people liking. However, as of now, the viewers are showing their interest to know about the “Dare to Love Me” OTT release date and many more. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Check out the details about “Dare to Love Me episode 3 OTT release date, time, platform, and many more:

Dare To Love Me Episode 3 OTT Release Date, Time, Platform

The most anticipated South Korean television series “Dare to Love Me” has 2 previous episodes. The makers of the show released the new episode. The wait is over for those who have been waiting for a long for a new episode of Dare to Love Me. The writer of the show is Park Yu-mi and it is directed by Jang Yang-ho. The top cast are Kim Myung-soo and Lee Yoo-young. As per the details, the new episode of the show has received good reviews from the critics.

Dare to Love Me episode 3 premiered on May 13, 2024 on KBS2. Overall, the viewers can watch it on Monday and Tuesday every week. The series has also international viewers. Indian viewers can watch the series on May 20, 2024, on Netflix and Viki. Furthermore, Netflix and Viki are the top streaming platforms where Indian viewers can watch the new episode of Dare to Love Me every Monday and Tuesday. In addition, the makers of the show also revealed the trailer on the YouTube channel Netflix K-Content. Through the trailer, you can analyze the inner environmental details of the show. Here are the top cast:

  • Kim Si-hyun as Lee Hyang-gi
  • Han Gi-chan as Kim Hong-hak
  • Lim Young-joo as Oh Yoon-ah
  • Park Eun-seok as Lee Joon-ho[
  • Seonwoo Jae-deok as Shin Soo-geun
  • Bae Jong-ok as Jang Camille
  • Lee Yoo-young as Kim Hong-do
  • Kim Myung-soo as Shin Yoon-bok

Shin Yoon-bok plays the role of a noble scholar and philosopher. The female actor Kim Hong-do has no identity in the design industry, even her family background is also unclear. However, her dream is to become a big designer therefore he walks to complete her dream and makes her way. On the other side, Bae Jong-ok who is playing the role of Jang Camille, is the CEO of a luxury fashion brand. Let’s take a look at the inner details of the show. The series is made of a budget of ₩14 billion.

As of now, the new episode of Dare to Love Me performed well and also gained the attention of the viewers. Furthermore, the makers of the show also revealed the plot details. In this section, we will shed light on the details of the plot. As per the details, the whole story of the series revolves around Shin Yoon-bok and Kim Hong-do. The main story of the series begins when both fall in love with each other. Through the trailer, we can analyze that, Shin Yoon-bok looks like a sense of humanity and wisdom person while Kim Hong-do is a tired woman who treats her life carelessly. Furthermore, the fans and the followers of the show like the chemistry of Kim Myung-soo and Lee Yoo-young. Keep following for more updates.

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