13 July 2024

Amid the general elections 2024, another plea was filed in the Delhi High Court but this time against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On Monday, May 13, 2024, two pleas were rejected by the court, one was against PM Narendra Modi and the other was against CM Arvind Kejriwal. Speaking of plea against Narendra Modi, it was seeking action against him for allegedly violating the model code of conduct of an election. Reportedly, PM Modi was accused of making communal and hated speeches during his campaigns for the Lok Sabha elections. The overall summary is that the plea filed at the Delhi High Court against PM Modi has been rejected by the court but there is a lot more to know about this headline. What did the Delhi High Court say while rejecting the plea against PM Modi for allegedly making communal speeches during his rally? In the following sections, we have summarized the entire incident and explained what the court said about it.

Delhi High Court Rejects Plea Against PM Modi For Alleged Communal Speeches

On Monday morning, May 13, 2024, the Bar and Bench reported that the plea seeking strict action against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his alleged communal speeches during his rally for the Lok Sabha elections has been dismissed citing the reason that the court can not micromanage the Election Commission of India. According to Delhi HC, the court is not there to micromanage the way of performing in which the eCI has to deal with the violation of the alleged model code of conduct.

Delhi High Court justice Sachin Datta said while rejecting the plea, “I cannot micromanage the ECI as to how they deal with the situation…. they are on the ….. of dealing with it.. statement is being made & they will take further action,.. we cannot presume that they will not do what they….” Furthermore, Justice Sachin Datta also mentioned that the plea filed against Modi was misconceived.

It was the decision and reason that the Delhi High Court announced while rejecting the plea but do you know what Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during his election campaigning? If not, don’t worry, we have explained it to you. On April 21, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Rajasthan’s Banswara for election campaigning where he said that if the Congress Party comes into power then it will distribute people’s property to the infiltrators or the people with more children. In addition, the Prime Minister also recalled the statement of former PM Manmohan Singh in which he said that minorities have the first right to the resources of India.

The plea that was filed against PM Modi also cited his statement given on April 24, 2024, at Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar where PM Modi allegedly said that Congress allotted reservation based on religion. As a result of PM Modi’s controversial speeches during his rallies, a large number of complaints were filed against him. The plea cited that the Election Commission of India did not take any strict action against PM Modi despite so many complaints.

In April, the Election Commission of India also refused to open up about this matter and refrained from commenting on PM Modi’s hate and communal speech allegations. However, the BJP supporters and activists came in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments. Likewise, BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said that the PM’s speech had resonated with the people of India. Reportedly, the Congress party sought action against the PM from the Election Commission by approaching with 16 complaints against the ruling party. Congress party also complained that Modi used religion to ask people to refrain from voting for the Congress Party.

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