19 July 2024
Dare To Love Me Takes

Two weeks ago, a new Korean drama titled Dare To Love Me premiered on the streaming giant, Netflix. As of now, a total of four episodes of Dare To Love Me have been released. Nevertheless, the audience has loved all the episodes released so far and has given positive reviews on them. Eventually, the K-drama enthusiasts have become excited for the next episodes and eager to know what will happen in Dare To Love Me. This Korean-drama web series that is delighting binge-watchers, is about to release its fifth episode. For the unversed, Dare To Love Me is a weekly show on Netflix, that releases two episodes every week. In two weeks, four episodes of this Korean drama have been released on the streaming platform. As the fifth episode in the queue, Korean drama enthusiasts are inquisitively seeking when and where to watch Dare To Love Me Episode 5. However, we have discussed all the essential information of episode 5 in detail. Take a look below.

When and Where To Watch Dare To Love Me Episode 5 In India?

This Korean drama features LeeYoo-young and Kim Myung-soo in the lead roles and it is directed by Jang Yang-ho. As of now, all four episodes of Dare To Love Me released in the past two weeks, have received positive reviews and an overwhelming response from the audience. The four episodes released in the past two weeks, have captivated the heart of the audience and made them wait for the next episode curiously. Speaking of the release of Episode 5, like all the previously released four episodes of Dare To Love Me, the next episode will also be released on Monday.

Episode 5 of Dare To Love Me is scheduled to be released on May 27, 2024, Monday. In South Korea, the episode will be available to watch at 10:10 PM KST on KBS. It will be released in India at 6:40 PM IST. However, the Indian audience can not watch it on KBS as it will be available on Netflix in India. As mentioned, Dare To Love Me is a weekly show that releases two episodes per week, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. Thus, Episode 5 of Lee Yoo-young and Kim Myung-soo starring Korean drama web show will be released on Monday and Episode 6 on Tuesday. This trend of releasing new episodes will continue for the upcoming episodes in the future as well.

Speaking of the plot of the series, this Korean web show’s storyline revolves around two protagonists who navigate the complexities of modern life. In other words, the story of the show primarily focuses on their intertwined lives and budding romance. As mentioned, Kim Myung-soo and Lee Yoo-young are playing lead roles in the show, Kim Myung-soo plays the role of Shin Yoo-bok and Lee Yoo-young plays the role of Kim Hong-do. Shin Yoo-bok is of Gen Z culture but still, he remains deeply connected with Confucian ideals while Kim Hong-do is a professional designer who gives value to respect but hesitates with interpersonal communication. When they meet, their lives completely change and bring major changes.

Talking about Dare To Love Me’s star cast, this newly released Korean drama also features talented actors like Bae Jong-ok, Park Eun-Seok, and Seonwoo Jae-Deok. It is season one of this rom-com Korean drama. The fans are also eager to learn what is the total number of episodes in season 1 of Dare To Love Me. As per the reports, Dare To Love Me Season 1 will air a total number of 16 episodes, releasing two episodes every week on Monday and Tuesday, which means the show will last for 8 weeks. Stay tuned.

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