15 July 2024
Claudia Sheinbaum

Claudia Sheinbaum, the newly elected president of Mexico, became the first woman to serve in this post. Nevertheless, Claudia Sheinbaum also scripted history by becoming the first Jewish president of Mexico. Her victory came as a big surprise for the politics of Mexico and the president-elect also secured some records for her name by becoming the first female and first Jewish president. Shortly after being announced as the winner of Mexico’s presidential election, Claudia Sheinbaum started receiving wishes from everywhere. However, the president-elect has thanked everyone but the people’s attention was gained by her thanks to her husband. Many even have asked why did Claudia Sheinbaum thank Jesus, leading a widespread debate over her religion. This article primarily focuses on Claudia Sheinbaum’s religion and tries to cater to the queries of the people about her religion. Let’s delve into the details and learn more about her.

What Is Claudia Sheinbaum Religion?

After the announcement of the winner of the presidential election of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum did not take long to thank her supporters and people who voted for her. Claudia Sheinbaum also thanked the global leaders who wished her to become the new president of Mexico. She used her official social media account to thank the people of Mexico. Meanwhile, the president-elect also thanked her life partner Jesus Maria Tarriba who remains by her side every day. Claudia Sheinbaum also shared a picture of her husband Jess Maria Tarriba from the election campaign where he was to support her.

Although it was understood that Claudia Sheinbaum might be emotional about being appointed for the role of Mexico’s president she might not have expected that her message to her husband would spark a debate and firestorm on the internet. Although it was due to some misunderstanding. Upon seeing Claudia Sheinbaum’s post about thanking her husband, some people were perplexed about why Mexico’s first Jewish president Claudia Sheinbaum thanked her Christian savior Jesus Christ but the fact is the Jesus word Claudia Sheinbaum used in her Twitter post was actually her husband’s name.

This perplexion about Claudia Sheinbaum’s husband’s name eventually led to widespread debate and some rumors as well. Many people speculated that Claudia Sheinbaum might be a secret Christian. Reacting to this confusion, some people who were aware of Claudia Sheinbaum’s husband’s name humorously shared that because Sheinbaum’s husband’s name is Jesus a lot of people have lost their brains. Shift to the next section and read what is Claudia Sheinbaum’s religion.

Eventually, the attention has shifted to her religion. Claudia Sheinbaum who was just recently appointed for the role of Mexico’s president, opened up about her heritage and religion. But during the campaigns for the presidential election, Claudia Sheinbaum’s religion had never been a major talking point, which has now become a serious topic for the people of Mexico post-election results. It is believed that it was because Claudia Sheinbaum’s religion has not been talked about much and Mexico is a Catholic country. But it is also noteworthy that the president-elect faced some antisemitic comments during her election campaigns.

Nevertheless, Claudia Sheinbaum also became a victim of false rumors that she is a Bulgarian Jewish but the fact is her two Jewish grandparents immigrated from Lithuanian to Mexico and the other two grandparents immigrated from Bulgaria to Mexico in a bid to escape the Holocaust. Claudia Sheinbaum will soon become the third Jewish head of state in the world, the other two Jewish head-led states are Israel and Ukraine both are involved in war. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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