16 July 2024

Bodkin, the television series is becoming one of the most-watched series. In the short duration, the series has created significant followers. The audience are praising the performance of the cast. Bodkin is an Irish dark comedy thriller comedy television series. Furthermore, the series is created by Jez Scharf. Moreover, the viewers are greatly impressed by the storyline of the series. Bodkin Season 1 was released on May 9, 2024. It has 7 episodes. What is the difference in this series from others? However, this page will help you to learn about a few lesser-known facts about the quirky Netflix thriller series. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Bodkin is an Irish dark comedy thriller television series that premiered on May 9, 2024, on Netflix. As we know, Netflix is one of the most famous OTT platforms known for delivering quality and knowledgeable content. Netflix’s series, Bodkin is filled with lots of twists and suspense. A few weeks ago, the makers of the series revealed the trailer of Bodkin which created a significant buzz on the internet. The series features the interesting story of three disappeared people. The whole story of the series around Gilbert Power. Gilbert Power is featured as the American podcaster who is searching for his Irish roots. In the search for roots, he moved to Bodkin, a very well-known Irish coastal town. In this area, he solved the case of three people who disappeared. Furthermore, in this journey, he shakes hands with Dove Maloney, an Irish investigative journalist, and Emmy Sizergh, Gilbert’s podcaster assistant. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

Here are a few lesser facts about this series that you have to know before watching it:

  1. In the phase of Bodkin, the series shows the glimpses of eve of the Samhain festival. This is a type of venerable celebration. It also sheds light on a quaint fishing village which is located in West Cork. The viewers will experience the different types of scenes and adventures along with historical facts.
  2. Netflix is trying to show the viewers that Bodkin is familiar with real life but the real truth is too far away. Bodkin situated itself far away from reality’s shores. Still, Bodkin attracts people to crime, suspense, and the real truth.
  3. Howth Castle also plays a key role in Bodkin. Furthermore, Howth Castle is known as Mother Bernadette and the nuns. This is situated just outside Dublin. On the other side, the Deer Park Golf is located inside it. The makers also show glimpses of Howth village in the series. This place is located 11 miles away from Dublin City. It also features the location of Ireland.
  4. The main character of the series, Will Forte shared interesting facts about his role in a recent interview. He selected a unique path for admitting to minimal preparation. According to his interview, the fact come to know about him that he felt a deep resonance with his given role. He plays the role of an American podcast. Furthermore, he did not give this opportunity to his luck. The whole story of the series is connected with the real world and the real characters.

The television series Bodkin is described as better than a decent murder mystery, which is best described as, quirky. The whole series is filmed in different locations. The cast is also playing the brilliant roles of the given characters. Keep following for more updates.

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