21 July 2024
Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Malayalam season 6 has generated much attention since it premiered on television. Bigg Boss Malayalam is an adaptation of the Indian reality television series produced by Endemol Shine Indian and Banijay. As of now, season six of Bigg Boss Malayalam become one of the most anticipated shows. Currently, Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 is the highest-rated television show, and viewers are eagerly anticipating the latest episode. Bigg Boss premiered on Asianet on March 10, 2024, and audiences can also watch the 24-hour show on Disney + Hotstar. Mohanlal will once again host the show. The show’s popularity is growing with each passing day. In today’s report, we are going to share the voting results of Bigg Boss Malayalam 6. The viewers are looking at who will get the lowest votes ahead of finale week. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 nominated contestants of week 13

Further, Bigg Boss is the highest-rated show on Asianet. The audience enjoys watching the contestants living together and performing various tasks. In this reality television show, contestants reveal their true selves, and viewers learn about their two faces. However, recently the voting results have caught the attention of the viewers. There is only less time left for the finale of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 6 and the audience’s craze is increasing to know the winner of the show. The show’s highest-highlighted contestants are Sijo, Rocky, Jasmin, and Gabri. Moreover, the contestant Abhishek made his place in the finale by receiving a ticket to the finale. On the other side, the rest contestants are nominated for eviction. The fans and followers support their favorite one. The nominated contestants of week 13 are:

  • Rishi
  • Jasim
  • Norah
  • Sijo
  • Sreethu
  • Arjun

The question also highlights who is safe from the elimination. Several contestants are strong and play with their charge mindset. However, as of now, Jinto is known as one of the strong contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 6. After receiving 24% votes, one of the most recognized contestants Jinto is safe from the elimination along with Jasim and Arjun are also safe from the elimination. On the other side, Rishi and Norah are in the center of the danger zone. Yes, you are reading right, in the show Rishi and Norah are two in the danger zone. In addition, the reports also claim, that Rishi has received the lowest voting so far therefore he might be eliminated from the show. The twists and surprises in the show are common. The latest twist in the show created a massive buzz as Nandana was evicted from the show after a sudden twist. Moreover, the show Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 also hints at Norah’s eviction. Learn more in the next section.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 Voting online poll results

  • Sreethu – 14% votes (Safe)
  • Norah – 2% votes (Danger Zone)
  • Rishi – 21% votes (Safe)
  • Sijo – 1% votes (Danger Zone)
  • Jasim – 19% votes (Safe)
  • Arjun – 18% votes (Safe)

The elimination news of Norah left the audience and the fans shocked. The sudden elimination of Norah was unexpected however, nothing happened like that as Norah was not eliminated from the show. This was again a surprise twist for the audience. Apart from Norah’s elimination, she visits the secret room where she listens to everyone’s thoughts through the headphones. After that, she made her return to the house. On the other side, as of now, Abhishek S is one of the safest contestants in the show after receiving the ticket to the finale. The top highlighted contestants are Arjun, Jasmin, Jinto, Norah, Rishi, and Sreethu. Rishi is the first who received the lowest votes of the rest contestants. Despite elimination, the show has made significant stardom. The show Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 airs on Asianet weekdays at 9:30 and weekends at 9:00 PM. The viewers can also watch the show on Disney+ Hotstar.

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