16 July 2024
Best Minecraft servers

There are a lot of servers from which we can pick one to join the Minecraft game. If you are one of those who is looking for the best server to join the game and is confused, then this article is for you. We have listed the best servers from which you can pick one to play the game in 2023. These servers offer categories like relaxing Parkour, classic survival, PVP, and others. And the servers that we have listed are always free to join. Before that, we will learn what Minecraft servers are and how it helps in gameplay.

What is a Minecraft server?

We all know that the Minecraft game was released in 2011. Minecraft servers are non-other than player-owned multiplayer servers created for the game.

Best Minecraft servers.

Here below, we have listed the best Minecraft servers with the help of which we can play the game. We have not only listed them but also talked about them.


Hypixel is one of the most famous servers in the Minecraft world. It was created in 2013 and offers a variety of games and modes, including survival games, arcade games, and sky wars. The server has a great community, and the staff is incredibly helpful. Hypixel also offers unique features such as monthly events, mini-games, and updates. It does add up new content so there is always something new to explore for players.


Mineplex is another popular Minecraft server that offers a range of games, including survival games, sky wars, and mini-games. It has an active community, and the staff is incredibly responsive. Mineplex also offers some unique features, such as cosmetics that players can earn as they play. The range of game modes is Sky wars, super smash mobs, and more. Mineflex has continued to push forward in its popularity in 2023 because of partnerships with Minecraft, Mojang, and Microsoft.

The Hive

The Hive is a server that offers a range of games, including hide and seek, sky wars, and survival games. It has a friendly and inviting community, as well as responsive staff. The Hive also offers custom plugins and updates, making it a unique experience. The Hive also has a virtual economy, where players can earn coins and buy in-game items.


Let us now talk about another best Minecraft servers called Cubecraft. It is another great server that has been around since 2012. It offers a variety of games, including sky wars, parkour, and tower defense. Cubecraft has a great community, and the staff is incredibly helpful. Cubecraft also offers unique features such as custom music, animations, and textures. This Minecraft server is good to go.


Wynncraft is a Minecraft server that offers a massive open-world RPG experience to the players. Players can explore a vast map filled with dungeons, quests, custom-made bosses, and a lot more. The server also has an elaborate crafting system, where players can create their weapons and armor to help them on their journey in the game.


In this server, there is a large player base which means players who can join this server will be able to connect with others as well. This server does have access to more than twenty different games which include Hide and Seek, capture the flag, and more.


Manacube server is especially known for its Parkour gameplay and it is the only large Minecraft server with minimal pay-to-win elements. It also has a Minecraft Skyblock server, plus survival, creative, and Parkour servers. You will have to survive mostly on submerged islands and you need to stay away from the poisonous water in the game to survive. This is one of the best Minecraft servers for a player.


Next, we have a Roleplay-Hub server, which is known for its popular social roleplay. It does have an average player count of 200+ players and does welcome veterans and newbies. A player can roleplay as a student or as a teacher in the game. If you are a player, then you are free to create their storylines by interacting with hundreds of other players. These players are also roleplaying in Japanese schools. The game modes are Roleplay, Social, and RPG. This is a good server for players to enjoy the gameplay.

These are eight different types of Minecraft servers. You can choose any of them to play and enjoy the game.

How to join Minecraft servers?

We have learned about the best Minecraft servers but we need to learn the way by which we can join them. To join the Minecraft servers you need to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, we need to launch the game on our device.
  • After that, we need to log in to Minecraft.
  • Then, we need to click on the Multiplayer option on the Main Menu.
  • After that, we need to choose “Add server” and then enter the IP address or web address of the server that we wish to join.
  • Then, we need to click and hit the join server button.
  • And then, you are good to go.

FAQ ( Frequency Asked Questions)

Here below, we have answered some questions that have been raised by people about the best Minecraft servers.

Is it safe to join any Minecraft servers?

Yes, it is safe to join any Minecraft servers. All you need to do is join the server by putting the IP address and clicking on the join button.

Do we need to pay to join any server?

No, you do not need to join the server by paying money. It is free to use and play the game.


In this article, the servers of Minecraft have been discussed. All the Minecraft servers that we have discussed are good to go and play the game. Also, if we look above then we have discussed the way by which we can join any server. You will never get bored when you play a Minecraft game. As there are multiple options of servers of the game. Do let us know, how this article has helped you out about knowing Minecraft servers in the comments section. Thank you for reading this article.

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