13 July 2024
Aryan Dev Neekhra

Recently, an alleged video of Pune Porsche accident accused Vedant Agarwal surfaced on the internet. In the video, the person who is rumored to be 17-year-old Vedant Agarwal is being seen rapping about the tragic accident. The rap mocking the controversial and tragic Porsche accident has turned everyone’s eyeballs and stirred a controversy on the internet where netizens in large numbers have started criticizing and backlashing Vedant Agarwal. However, nobody has verified if the boy in the video was Vedant Agarwal or not. We have fact-checked the matter and shared the reliable details on which you can rely. Scroll down the page.

Did Vedant Agarwal Rap To Mock Accident?

It was May 19, 2024, when the whole nation was left devastated after an accident happened in Pune involving two engineers who lost their lives on the spot. The victims who died in the crash were identified as Ashwini Koshta and Anish Awdhiya. Reportedly, both engineers were traveling on a bike when a Porche at high speed allegedly being driven by a minor identified as Vedant Agarwal who is the son of Pune-based real estate developer Vishal Agarwal, hit them from behind. After responding to the scene, the police arrested the minor who was allegedly driving a Porsche. The controversy and nationwide outrage erupted after the minor was granted bail within one day.

Where people were angrily criticizing the system of the country for granting bail to Vedant Agarwal within one day after just writing a 300-word essay, meanwhile, an alleged video of Vedant Agarwal surfaced on the internet in which the boy in the video is rapping about the accident and slandering India’s law. After hearing the defiant rap in the viral video, people across India were left shocked and angered as well as the boy mocks in the rap “Got bail in one day, will show my game on the roads again”. Meanwhile, the innocent netizens believed the video without fact-checking and said Vedant Agarwal would never rap about the accident if he had not been granted bail with just writing an essay.

The viral rap video was shared with the caption using the Pune Porsche accident accused’s name, Vedant Agarwal who is accused of killing two people with his car. Upon investigating the matter and fact-checking about the viral video, we learned that it was fake. Yes, you read that right, the person in the video rapping about the accident, is not 17-year-old Vedant Agarwal from Pune. Justifying our claims, we also found the same video posted on the Instagram account of @cringistaan 2, followed by more than 66K people. This account reportedly belongs to an influencer named Aryan Neekhra.

The ongoing viral rap video is believed to have been created by running the viral video keyframes through Reverse Image Search. However, Aryan Neekhra also has confirmed his presence in the viral rap video. But on social media, the fake video became more popular than the original clip of Aryan Neekhra. Nevertheless, the same also has been confirmed by renowned news agencies like The Hindu and Free Press Journal by identifying the boy in the viral video as Aryan Dev Neekhra who hails from Madhya Pradesh and lives in Delhi.

Reacting to the viral video, Amitesh Kumar, the commissioner of Pune police said that appropriate action will be taken against the person who created the fake viral clip. He also confirms that the main minor accused in the hit-and-run Pune Porsche case is not in the viral rap video. An investigation has been launched into the same and Pune police will soon take action against the content creator behind the viral video.

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