21 July 2024
Adani Group to Acquire Train Booking Platform Trainman

In a strategic move to expand its presence in the digital space, the Adani Group has announced its acquisition of Trainman, a popular train booking platform.

With this acquisition, the Adani Group aims to further enhance its offerings in the transportation sector and provide seamless travel experiences to millions of passengers across India.

An Overview of Trainman

Trainman is a leading online platform that allows users to book train tickets, check PNR status, and access other travel-related services. It has gained significant popularity among travelers due to its user-friendly interface, reliable services, and comprehensive features.

The Strategic Acquisition

The Adani Group’s decision to acquire Trainman comes as part of its long-term vision to establish a strong foothold in the digital transportation market. This move aligns with the group’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

By integrating Trainman’s capabilities with its existing portfolio, the Adani Group aims to offer a seamless end-to-end travel experience to its customers.

Enhancing Travel Services

With the acquisition of Trainman, the Adani Group aims to enhance its travel services by providing passengers with a one-stop solution for all their train travel needs.

The integration of Trainman’s technology and expertise will enable the Adani Group to streamline ticket bookings, improve travel planning, and offer personalized recommendations to passengers.

Empowering Passengers with Technology

The Adani Group believes that technology plays a crucial role in transforming the travel experience for passengers. By leveraging Trainman’s advanced technology stack, the group plans to introduce innovative features such as real-time train tracking, automated alerts, and personalized travel itineraries.

These enhancements will empower passengers with up-to-date information and enable them to make informed decisions during their journeys.

Seamless Integration and Transition

The Adani Group is committed to ensuring a seamless integration and transition process for Trainman and its existing user base. Users can expect uninterrupted access to their accounts and services during this period.

The group will work closely with Trainman’s team to ensure a smooth transfer of operations and provide continued support to users.


The Adani Group’s acquisition of Trainman marks a significant milestone in its digital transformation journey. By leveraging Trainman’s technology and expertise, the group aims to revolutionize the travel experience for train passengers in India.

Through seamless integration and continuous innovation, the Adani Group is committed to delivering exceptional travel services and creating a positive impact in the transportation sector.

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