19 July 2024
Aakhri Dastak

10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak is an upcoming 2024 supernatural thriller show show. The viewers are eagerly waiting for the show. Before its premiere, the show has generated a significant fan following. As per the details, the Indian actress Ayushi Bhave is going to play the role of “Bindu” in the television show 10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak. Several family dramas and shows are ongoing on television now it’s time for a thriller. In today’s report, we are going to shed light on the new upcoming supernatural thriller titled “10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak” and about the cast of the show. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Meet the Cast: Ayushi Bhave and Krip Suri Lead Star Bharat’s “10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak”

The audience is going to interact with a new and fresh show titled “10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak”. What is going to be new in this show? Who will be playing the main character and when it will debut? Several questions have been raised regarding the same. The makers of the show revealed the cast name with the show details. Before its release, the show made the headlines. A name is going viral on the web and catching much attention from the viewers. Yes, we are talking about Aayushi Bhave who is known for her incredible performance on the screen. As per the details, she is going to make her debut in the upcoming thriller show. She is going to become part of Star Bharat’s “10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak” in which she will be playing the character of Bindu. Her character plays a pivotal role in the show including her role is dynamic. Furthermore, she is going soon to generate the headlines through her performance. Krip Suri is also the part of the show who will play the role of Sarpanch Prabhakar Tripathi. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

Both characters, Aayushi and Krip Suri play instrumental roles. They are set to entertain the audience with their incredible. The new show “10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak” features an amazing storyline with a talented cast.

Here are the top cast of the upcoming television show 10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak:

  • Krip Suri
  • Aayushi Bhave
  • Rajveer Singh

In the above section, we have mentioned the top cast names who are becoming part of the new upcoming show. However, Aayushi Bhave is gaining much attention from her fans after learning about her appearance in this show. If you are unfamiliar with her, let us inform you that she is a renowned Indian television actress who worked in several television shows. She was born on July 7, 1997, to Jitendra and Nisha Bhave. She can speak Hindi, Marathi, and English. In 2018, she won the title of Shravan Queen of Mumbai and Maharashtra. However, her role in the upcoming supernatural thriller show is about Bindu. Furthermore, Bindu is becoming one of the most favorite characters for the viewers and her fans. Scroll down the page to learn more.

The actress Aayushi also expressed her feelings for her new project in which she will appear as Bindu. This is going to be one of the best projects for her. If we talk about the inner information of the upcoming television show “10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak”. The show is produced under the banner of Full Focus Entertainment. The makers of the show also revealed the debut date. As per the details, the upcoming supernatural thriller show 10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak will debut in June 2024. The exact date is unclear. Now, the question is raised where it will be premiered. As per the details, the show will premiere on Star Bharat.

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